Br Peter SSF

My vocation is a response to the inner promptings of God to follow the path of Christ. As a Christian my primary calling is rooted in baptism. This has led me to proclaim what God has done for us in Christ.

Br Peter SSF

Who are the Community of St Francis?

Br Peter SSF is a brother in the Society of St Francis, who live in community, under vows of poverty , chastity and obedience, following Christ in the way of St Francis of Assisi. He lives at Glasshampton Monastery in Worcestershire. 

My Vocation Story

In 1991, the year when the Soviet Union collapsed and Latvia regained its independence, the head teacher of our school decided to invite some students from the Roman Catholic Seminary to give us an input about Christianity: every fortnight a young priest would come and talk with us, a class of rebellious and sceptical teenagers. Despite my secular background and upbringing these sessions made a deep impression on me and before long I became a believer. Even though my faith at that time was rather immature, none the less, it was a turning point – I recognised that God existed.

However, time went by and sadly my initial zeal began to fade and I became more and more preoccupied with the excitement of exploring adult life. As a result, instead of seeking God and his peace, I was rushing headlong into the realm of illusions only to be torn apart by my desires and cravings. Mercifully over time my perspective of life began to change, I realised that my pursuit of happiness was bound to be agonising and futile until I woke up and started to listen to the voice of God within me. The longing to become what I am called to be, a child of God, became overwhelming and I felt drawn to join a religious community.

My Life as a Franciscan Brother

I approached the Society of St Francis (SSF) and in April of 2007 I was admitted as a postulant. A postulant is a person seeking admission into a monastery or a religious institute, both before actual admission and for the period of time preceding their admission into the novitiate. I later entered the Noviciate, a period of training lasting approximately 3 years, then went on to take my First Vows, going onto take my Life Profession within SSF in November 2013. My years in community have been the most precious and enlightening time of my life. Through God’s grace, I became aware of things about myself and the world that I was unable to grasp before. It is here where I have met many inspiring people and have read some amazing books. Being in the community is a wonderful gift for which I am very grateful. 

My vocation is a response to the inner promptings of God to follow the path of Christ. As a Christian my primary calling is rooted in baptism. This has led me to proclaim what God has done for us in Christ. It is the moment where in my journey of faith I have moved from darkness to light, from death to life, from being self-centred to being God centred. For me, the Religious Life is how have been called to express and live out a deeper commitment and calling to follow in the footsteps of Christ. It is a life-long commitment to living a life under vows (poverty, chastity and obedience) within the context of a community. At the beginning of my journey I went through a process of exploration and discernment lasting several years, before I made a final commitment to this way of life.

My Life Profession in 2013
A joyful celebration afterwards!

My Home at Glasshampton Monastery

I have spent the majority of my time as a brother in Glasshampton Monastery; the monastic house within the Society of Saint Francis. The focus of the life in this house is on silence, prayer, contemplation and hospitality. The corridors are kept quiet, and all meals are eaten in silence. The guests who come and stay with the brothers often say they appreciate the silence that is maintained within the house. Here’s a recent video about our daily life at Glasshampton.

The Society of St Francis
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