Vocation Stories

Individuals are called to Religious Life from all walks of life. God’s call is unique to each person. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding religious communities, but  the religious life is a way of living the Christian life. It is not something exotic but a call to prayer and service. Here’s some of the stories of men and women about their calling and their life in the community.

Active-Contemplative Communities

Many communities will tell you they are both active AND contemplative. Active-contemplative communities are those with ministry such as serving the poor, teaching or running retreats. They balance an active ministry with a deep commitment to prayer and communal life. Some examples are the Franciscans (The Society of Saint Francis and the Community of Saint Francis), The Community of the Holy Name and many others.

Br Benedict SSF

Society of St Francis

Sr Carol Elizabeth SSM

Society of St Margaret

Sr Catherine CHN

Community of the Holy Name

Br Charlie CR

Community of the Resurrection

Br Clark Berge SSF

Society of St Francis

Br Desmond Alban SSF

Society Of St Francis

Sr Elizabeth Pio SSB

Society of THE Sisters of Bethany

Br Finnian SSF

Society Of St Francis

Sr Gina CSF

Community Of St Francis

Sr Lizzie Ruth nCSMV

Community of St Mary the Virgin

Br Michel Christoffer SSF

Society of St Francis

Br Michael Jacob SSF

Society of St Francis

Br Nicholas Alan SSF

Society of St Francis

Br Nicholas CR

Community of the resurrection

Novice CSF

Community of St Francis
Br Peter ssf v4square400

Br Peter SSF

Society of St Francis

Contemplative Communities

Some communities focus on a life of prayer and worship, which is centred around a particular place such as a monastery, convent or priory. Some examples are the Sisters of the Love of God, Society of the Sacred Cross, and the Servants of the Will of God. 

Sr Judith SLG

Sisters of the Love of God
Sr Margaret Theresa SLG

Sr Margaret Theresa SLG

Sisters of the love of god

Dispersed Communities and New Expressions of Religious Life

More recently, there are many different expressions of religious life have emerged. These draw upon the traditions of religious life but adapt these to different contexts. Depending on the community, members might be lay or ordained, married, single or partnered. Many communities are dispersed but meet and worship regularly. 

Br Alasdair CFC 2

Br Alasdair CFC

Community of ST Francis and St Clare

Br John Aelread HIN-OSB

House of Initia Nova
Hannah Lewis1

Rev Hannah Lewis SCL

Single Consecrated Life
Br Sam OPsquare400x400

Br Sam OP

Anglican Order of PReachers

Oblates, Tertiaries and Companions

Many communities shared their charism and spirituality with a wider network of individuals. These individuals seek to follow the same charism as the community but adapted it to their own circumstances. Depending on the community, members might be lay or ordained, married, single or partnered. They live close by or not. Depending on the community and the nature of the commitment the individual makes, these individuals might be called Oblates, Tertiaries / Third Order or Companions. 


Fr David Francis Darling Obl.S.B

Community of St Mary at the Cross
Paul Alexander TSSF

Paul Alexander TSSF

Society of St Francis
TSSF Jo Drew1

Jo Drew

Society of st francis

John Francis Friendship TSSF

society of st francis