Who We Are

The Anglican Religious Life Project started in a field at the Greenbelt festival in 2017, when a group of young people, interested in the religious life, resolved to do something to share the riches of that life with the wider church.

Now incorporating a mixture of Anglican religious in vows, enquirers and friends of the religious life, we believe that the religious life is one of the best-kept secrets of the church, here in the UK and across the Anglican Communion. 

Whatever the significance of the religious life in your journey, whether you are exploring your vocation, looking to deepen your faith, or interested in the history and life of religious communities, we hope this project will be a gift to you, as the religious life has been to us.

Our Core Values

Our Mission Statement

The Anglican Religious Life Project exists to build awareness of the diversity and richness of the religious life within the Church of England, supporting religious communities as they share their gifts with the church and with the world.

Our Connections

We are an independent project, with a friendly relationship with Anglican Religious Communities in England, and connections with many of the Anglican religious communities in the UK.

Please pray for us, as we pray for you. Please contact us via our Contact Page if you would like to get involved with what we do.